Services for Ballet Schools

Give your students a time to take care of their body, to release tensions and achieve the best movements in the art of dance.

We are able to complement your ballet practices, since we specialize in massage and digital pressure therapies designed to alleviate the affections produced by the effort required to practice this art.

The Deep Massage is ideal to optimize the performance of the body because from the muscular re-accommodation there is an energetic re-accommodation designed to relieve stress and muscle tension, allowing you to enjoy a deep state of relaxation and vitality, ready to continue your trials.

Our staff has the experience to attend to the affections that arise from the daily routine of the dance discipline, focusing on satisfying the particular needs of each of our clients.

We offer solutions for the pain of the feet of the dancers, since the feet support the full weight of the body. They are responsible for coordinating movements, balance and maneuverability. They have 26 bones, 32 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments. Of them depends, in great way, the health of our legs and spine. Maintaining weight, causes less pressure on the bones and muscles of the feet. As dancers and dancers, if we do not give them proper attention we may have more serious problems than a simple foot pain.