The founder of 3D RELAX & HEALTH SPA always had a particular interest in everything that involved the care of the body, the natural methods of body and mental healing, as well as the work of its spiritual evolution. In spite of this, she dedicated herself to business administration, management and accounting, bestowing 30 years of professional work in financial institutions, up until reaching high executive positions in the institutions under which she carried out her work.

There was something, however, that remained in her mind and encouraged her aspirations: to accomplish her dreams of balancing her professional work with the activities she enjoyed most, such as immersing herself in relaxation music, meditation, contact with nature and the outdoors, reading about personal development, practicing yoga, walking, photography, writing, doing social work, amongst other things… All this, united her to her own peace and away from the everyday, mundane things.

The concept of 3D RELAX & HEALTH SPA, working in the 3 dimensions of life, was born from the interest of raising awareness about the importance of keeping your Body, Mind and Spirit balanced, and thus achieving total well-being: Physically and Emotionally. Our company is committed to supporting this lifestyle and for that reason we work on these 3 dimensions as follows:

The Spa was created for the care of the body, to release daily stresses, physical discomfort and enjoying relaxing moments, as well as the care of the body.

The web page will be our support for the care of the mind. As they will find health information, good eating habits, motivational readings, talks and interviews, recommendations of pleasant and healthy activities… We will have consultations with our Life Coach and psychologist.

The creation of the Charitable Foundation will be our means to feed the Spirit, through our page will be announced the programs to be developed and each person will decide how he or she can help, additionally, shareholders can commit contribute 10% of the profits of the Spa’s Foundation, this way all our clients would be making a small contribution for a good cause.

We can all contribute in a way to helping a better world and leaving a legacy to future generations, and what better message than knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to enjoy ourselves, to have many happy moments and to live in peace .